Don’t let it be raining Lord when the skys split.
Let me be down by the river.
Please let the sun beat down upon me.
May my eyes always be on the clouds.
When the trumpet calls I will drop everything.
I will raise my hands to the heavens.
Then you will take me Jesus.
And we will be brothers.
Don’t let it be raining Lord.
I want to be down by the river waiting for you.
Don’t let it be raining Lord.
Let the sun beat down upon me.
You will come when we least expect it.
Let me be walking in your love.
Not holding hands with sin.
Don’t let it be raining Lord.
I go to one knee and bow my head to you.
For you are my Lord and Savior.
Have mercy on me and my family.
Don’t let it be raining Lord.
Let the sun beat down upon me.
Have mercy.

Wayne Roe 3/23/07


As a soldier for God I wear his armour. After years of battle I look at it. It’s like new, it never changes and it never fades. Just like God’s word. For my armour is the word of God. But I am just a man that wears this armour. I do change and I will someday fade away. But if I believe with a pure heart in God
and in his word and wear the armour till my last breath; I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. But if I ever turn my back on God and take off this armour I will surley die. For there are times I am weak and battle worn and want to give up. My enemies and the evil ones attack me from all directions. But I stand and will not fall. For I know Jesus stands with me. He said he would never leave or forsake us. I believe him. My faith is strong in you Lord but my will is like a child’s. I have nothing but have gained everything through Jesus Christ my Lord.
I fully understand now why so many walk with Jesus for a while and then Give up. It’s a battle of a lifetime. We pray they come back and fight for the name of Jesus. If not, I understand. But I never want to walk on the wide that leads to destruction again. So give me the strenght I can only get from you Jesus. I can only fight one day at a time. My enemies and the evil ones attack again. I stand back to back with Jesus.
We fight the battle together. He is my only hope.
We win the battle together.
Tomorrow is a new day.
With new battles.
Help me.

Wayne Roe 3/25/07