I was sitting at work the other day and I heard the train whistle going off. The tracks are about a quarter of a mile from where I work. A part of me wanted to push away from my work and drive to the next town. And wait for that train to come rumbling through and jump it like the hobo’s used to do in the old days. On this day I just wanted to go wherever that train would take me. I just wanted to go to a place where there are no more burdens and worries. And where there is no more hatred and sin. A place where love is number one and forgiveness is right behind it. The place I was looking for was heaven on earth. Impossible, I snapped back to reality at my desk and listen to the train whistle slowly fade away. That night in bed I thought about that train. My eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep.
I’m walking through the darkness but there’s a light up ahead. As I get closer I can see the train and the passenger car. A brilliant light is coming out of the windows. I’m close to the train now and the door opens and the conductor steps out. I have to look down at first because of the light. I look at his feet and they’re covered with sandals. I slowly look up and see his face. The conductor is Jesus. I gaze upon his beauty and power. I fall to the ground and cover my face in shame. He lifts me up and tells me not to be ashamed. He has no lantern because he is the light. I look at the lettering on the side of the train and it reads “JESUS EXPRESS” and underneath in smaller letters it reads “Heaven bound”. I look back into the face of Jesus and tell him I have no ticket. He smiles and tells me the Shepherd knows his sheep. He takes me and holds me in his bosom and all my fears leave me. I step back and he looks down at me and tells me how much he loves me. But when I look past his smile and into his eyes I can see the sorrow and sadness.
I ask Him why are you so sad? He points to the people walking back into the darkness. Jesus tells me many come to him and say they know who he is. But he looks down at me and tells me he does not know who they are. I feel the sadness now as I watch them fade away into the dark. I want to get on the train and see if my family and friends are in there. I turn back and asked Jesus who’s driving the train? A twinkle in his eyes covers the sadness. “My Father.” The train whistle sounds. It is like the sound of a trumpet.
Jesus opens the door to the passenger car and I step in. In my sleep I quickly jerk and I’m startled awake. The dream is over but it was so real. I pull the covers off and go down stairs to the living room picture window and look out. I’m wise enough to know there’s no train out there but I look anyway. I laugh at myself standing in the dark like a child. But now I realize the burdens of life feel a little lighter now as I look out the window. I know now I never want to miss that train.
I climb the stairs back to the bedroom and try to go back to sleep. The train whistle will always be in my heart now. I tell myself there has to be a train in heaven called The Jesus Express.

Wayne Roe