Well for me to start telling you a little about myself, I have to sit back and ask myself what kind of person am I ? And the answer comes up pretty quick. I am an Cartoonist/Artist, I have to do some kind of art daily be it Cartooning or Digital Graphics. Don't get me wrong I have to take a day off here and there like everyone else. But the bottom line it's in my blood and that's fine with me.
As for me and art growing up, That's all I did growing up was drawing Fred Flintstone to Don Martin of Mad Magazine with my friend Kiddego. I never had any problems in school passing art class, as for the other classes we won't discuss them :) But I will always be grateful to Mrs. Booth in High School for her patience and her kindness.

I live in a small town in Illinois called Sycamore with my wife and two kids a girl sixteen and a boy eleven. If anyone is reading this and they have a sixteen year old daughter I'll say a prayer for you :) She really is a sweetheart when her fangs are not showing :) And of course we have two dogs and their spoiled rotten. And Sycamore has a great place where artists can meet and work on their art at The Art Attack School of Art. If your an artist and your work feels like it's not moving or progressing, get around other artist and your art will grow ! It will help you be more alert, more active and will make your effort increase.

Enough of that and more about me.

Birth Date: July 12, 1960 so they tell me that anyway. We are still researching this one my wife says I lay there like I'm dead, so we are not sure if there is a ending date to this as well.

Birthplace: Sycamore , Illinois in the kishwaukee river

Marital Status: been married to my wife for 25 or is it 23 or 21 years? you'll have to ask her, she keeps everything together. My daughter is getting her license soon, does anyone have a tank for sale? and I don't care if they do look like the trainer at the gym my wife goes to that don't mean a thing. Everyone knows we all have a twin in this world :)

Occupation: at present I work at Decal Works, you guessed it we make decals there, I knew you were smart :) I Have worked with them for 8 years. Plus doing freelance and web design out of the house for 15 years and web design for 5 years, my wife tells everyone I was killed in a freak sky diving accident and that's how she makes her bills from my life insurance, I love her she makes me look so brave :)

Hobbies: Golfing, fishing for anything underwater and Oil Painting. And being on the computer learning and studying cartoons. And Tic Tac Toe it's my life goal to beat that game at least once :)

Favorite Music: Blues and Classical Rock. And when doing art work, Classical music and jazz. Plus anything on a kazoo nothing like a good kazoo player to get my foot tapping :-) I love Pink floyd the wall CD but they really need a kazoo player bad :)

Favorite Movie: Has to be Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. My son and I have watched it at least 6 times. And I finally figured out what guy was Arnold Schwarzenegger I made a movie once of me playing tic tac toe close up shots and everything. I tried to get my favorite actor barney rubble to star in it but to this day I have had no luck finding his home address anyone know where bedrock is?

Favorite Thing I Like To Do: Cartooning and being with family and friends! and to make family and friends laugh. It doesn't get any better then that. There is nothing that tops laughter. As you can see by my Bio here I hope you enjoyed it and always remember finish what you sta

I'd like to say thanks for stopping by and reading my bio. Now I am sure your bored to death :) And I'd like to thank God up above for all he has given me, and the ability to be a Cartoonist, because without him I am nothing.

Thank you,
 Wayne Roe

© Wayne Roe 2012