I live in town.
But my heart lives in the country.
My neighbors are all around me. We all live so close to one another.
I long for the wideopen space. Or do I long to be away from everyone
and everything. When you live in the country it’s called; God’s Country.
Maybe I just want to be closer to God. Just want to be in God’s Country.
Maybe I want to run in fields and pastures again. Like I did when I was
young on my uncles farm. When was the last time I wrote the word farm?
Does anybody even talk about the farms and the land anymore?
Or is it all just slowly fading away?
Is God’s Country just slowly fading away.
What happens if it just all fades away?
Is God happy when He looks down on the earth. The earth he created.
Is his earth just fading away?
Does God shake His head when he looks at God’s Country?
Give me some of God’s Country before it fades.
And my soul will be happy.
In God’s Country.
What do the farmers do when their land fades to new houses?
Where do they go?
Do they just fade away too?
I pray they do not.
But I sit in my nice house and thank the farmers for all their hard work.
And then I dream of living in the country.
But is it only a dream?
But don’t dreams come true if we only believe.
I believe in God’s Country.

Wayne Roe