The sirens scream relentlessly as the fire trucks fly down the road to the destination. At a high speed they turn the corner and see the fire. A sixth floor apartment building is a blaze. Two people are at the top in a window looking for help. The truck rolls over the bushes and flowers and gets as close as it can. The fire fighters jump out and start doing the job they do best, saving people and putting out fires. The fireman in the lift scoop starts rising toward the people. When he gets to the top he has to stop three feet short, too many wires. To live they have to jump over the wires and into the arms of the fireman. By this time the fires growing fast, the smoke is getting thick and the flames are spreading. There’s a lady and a man in the window, the fireman speaks to the lady first. He says,
“You have to jump over the wire and I will catch you,” The lady looks down and fear engulfs her whole being. The fireman with a calm but stern voice said “Do not look down, look only at me and I will save you from this fire”. The lady looks back at the fire then back at the fireman. He says, “Believe only in me and I will save you, trust in me and jump and you will be free from the fire.” She jumps with all the faith she has and the fireman grabs her and pulls her in. Now she is safe from the fire. Now the fireman turns to the man in the window, the flames are stronger and bigger now, time is running out, only seconds left. The fireman speaks to the man just like he did with the lady. “Don’t look down or look Back, just look at me and have faith, and I will save you from this fire. But the man looks down and looks back at the fire. Then what seemed like forever, he looks into the fireman’s eyes. Then he drops his head with shame and says in a child like voice “I can’t.”
Now the man steps from the window back into the smoke and flames. The fireman pleads “No! don’t go back, you can trust me, just jump and I will save you.” The man never comes out. The scoop is lowered to the ground and the fireman gets out, the tears are rolling down his face. He chokes these words out. “I did everything I could, but he would not listen, I could not save him.”

The parable of the story

The fireman in this short story is Jesus Christ. The Son of God, the Savior, the Messiah. The man who put his life on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. The two people represent the human race. The smoke and the fire is the world and the sins of this world. Jesus is always there, arms open wide, always faithful, waiting. “Believe only in me and I will save you, trust in me and jump and you will be free from the fire.” God holds Jesus and tells him “My son you did all you could do, there is no greater sacrifice. They have free will to choose their walk.”
Which way do you walk? In the light or in the smoke and the fire.
Your choice.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Wayne Roe 06