Florida's new super hero hits the sand running with his mate Sonny. In the first issue we read how Maxx Donovan goes from a newlywed in love to the new super hero "The Pirate"! He's not looking to gain riches, he just wants to bring villains to justice! Carry on and let the journey begin! © WAYNE ROE
Four awesome pages completed. Hang in there, adding more soon!
Synopsis – The Pirate    
The location is Miami Florida and it’s a perfect sunny day. Newlywed’s Maxx and Michelle Donovan walk through the deserted park, or so they think. They don’t see the two thugs lurking in the bushes. With a knife they attack the couple for drug money. Maxx is stabbed and beaten unconscious as Michelle runs for her life. Three days later Maxx wakes up in the hospital to find his new wife was killed. His life is now an empty hole. Maxx cries out to Michelle and promises to avenge her death and to find the killers. After weeks of isolation with his pet parrot Sonny, Maxx steps out and walks the alleyways. He finds a gym and makes it his second home. For months and months Maxx works out day and night to build his strength and body mass. At the gym Maxx met kick boxer and owner Louis Stone and the two become best friends. Louis teaches Maxx the art of kickboxing. Down at the docks Maxx takes out his small boat for some fishing and to think.
Not very far from the shore his hook is snagged. Maxx can look down and make out a rectangular shape under the water. He anchors and dives down for a closer look. To his amazement it looks like an old pirate’s chest. With the boats wench Maxx lifts up the old box to the deck. A sword is found attached under the chest.
Maxx breaks the lock and opens the chest. A pirate suit is found with gloves and boots. Everything was soaked except for a cape that was rolled up. Maxx unrolls the cape and finds a wooden cylinder. Inside the cylinder he finds a letter written by an evil pirate named William DeFlorres. He tells his story of theft and riches that began with a trip to an isolated island where he met a powerful sorceress named Lucinda. With her potions and chants his pirate outfit was transformed to have strength beyond human ability. His wildest dreams came true with the evil that was bestowed upon him whenever he wore the pirate outfit. At the end of his letter, which was written right before his death the old pirate had an awakening. “Whoever finds this suit must use it for the power of good, not evil.”
He dries the suit out in the warm breeze of the day and when he puts it on he can feel the power as soon as it touches his skin. Through trial and error he learns to master the power of the cape, sword and rope.
As he searches for the men who took his wife away from him, he happens upon other villains who are brought to justice. However he is always looking for the two who got away.
No longer a victim, he is now the PIRATE!

Copyright 2017 © Wayne Roe, All Rights Reserved